Small Group Yoga Series in Chelsea
September 12 - October 26, 2022

This 7 week series will support you in being the best version of yourself possible. With regular yoga practice, you can release what’s no longer serving you and handle anything that comes your way.

Each yoga class will have a maximum of 7 students. This class size will provide a relaxed environment while giving you a personalized connection, individual attention, and feedback.

Join us for this cozy yoga experience.

Yoga Class Schedule




Hatha Yoga 10am

Gentle Yoga 8:30am

Vinyasa 9am


Hatha 5:30pm

Vinyasa 6pm


Yin Stretch & Yoga Nidra 7pm 


Class Descriptions

Hatha Yoga 

Hatha yoga gives you the opportunity to build strength, balance, and flexibility. This class includes stretching and static poses combined with breath. Students will receive personalized alignment cues to help deepen their practice and develop body awareness.  This is a moderately paced class, all levels welcome. 

When: Mon 10am & Wed 5:30pm Teacher: Catrina

Vinyasa Yoga This class has lots of movement and is best for students in good physical condition. This flow style practice is a great way to connect mind and body while strengthening and lengthening muscles. We will have fun with more challenging poses in this class.

When: Mon 6pm & Wed 9am Teacher: Catrina

Gentle Yoga This yoga class will include low impact moves, stretching and balance. Practicing at a slower pace will allow for deeper relaxation and healing to occur. Modifications are given so everyone can enjoy the benefits yoga has to offer. Ideal for beginners, recovering athletes, seniors, or anyone looking to destress and unwind.

When: Tues 8:30am Teacher: Diane

Yin Stretch & Yoga Nidra This class will begin with deep stretches allowing you to release muscles, fascia, and stress. Followed by a guided yoga nidra (yoga sleep) that includes a full body scan, breathwork, and setting intentions to ease you into deep relaxation.This yoga class is the perfect way to unwind and amplify your wellbeing. 

When: Wed 7pm Teacher: Catrina 

If you have questions or would like advice on which class will best suit your needs please contact Catrina. 

Pricing & Details
7 Week Yoga Series

$135 for early registration Save $10 when you sign up by Sunday 8/28 

$145 Regular pricing after 8/28

  • Pre registration is required. There’s limited availability, so secure your spot today 
  • Current yoga series runs from Sept 12th-Oct 26th and includes 7 classes
  • Yoga mats and props are provided, however, you are welcome to bring your own
  • Non refundable