Youth Yoga Program

Yoga encourages mindfulness and self acceptance. These classes will encourage students to embrace their truest self, become confident with their voice and body, and grow in emotional intelligence. 

Power Friends Yoga: Pre-K and K-5 

Typical Yoga Class Schedule:  

Set up & Check in 

Yoga warm ups 

Super Power of the Day 

Sun Salutations 


Vinyasa Flow 

Yoga Games 

Mantra & Close Out 

Yoga Club: Middle School and High School

Typical Class Schedule: (option to be aligned with specific athletic needs)

Set up & Check In

Yoga Warm Ups 

Self Reflection

Sun Salutations

Vinyasa Flow 

Yoga Cool Down 

Stillness & Close Out

  • Program runs on your schedule, typically 10 to 16 weeks
  • Classes meet once per week for 1 hour
  • Classes typically include 8-20 participants
  • Although grouping students by grade is preferred, mixed age groups is allowed
  • Curriculum for students is always changing, so they will never repeat the same lesson twice

Classes are led with a positive discipline approach that emphasizes and affirms positive choices. Catrina is a licensed and insured Children Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance and the State of Michigan.

Pricing varies according to the details of your program. Most often, parents pay for the program, though some schools subsidize it in part or in full.