Yoga Dedicated to You

Yoga literally means union. It unites the mind, body, and soul for a balanced and happier life.

Yoga has many benefits you will notice on and off the mat with a regular practice. You have to integrate yoga into your regular routine to connect with your body, see its benefits, and keep them.

If this is something you’re interested in, I can provide the personalized, tailor-made-for-you yoga experience you need. Whether it’s private yoga or yoga performed with a group, I can offer it to you.

We can start by scheduling a complimentary introductory session. I offer this free session to help ease any doubts or questions you may have about yoga and what it can do for your body.

During this session, we will discuss your yoga interests and needs, do a little yoga, and make sure this is the right path for you.

Should you continue our sessions, you’ll discover the foundations of a healthy and balanced yoga practice. In this way, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from injury as well as develop a better awareness of your own body as you progress.

Your private yoga classes will be created specifically for you, and will adapt to your ever-changing needs.


Here are the Chelsea, Michigan yoga services I offer:

In Studio – Private Yoga Class

Those seeking an in-studio private yoga class can schedule sessions 1 to 3 times a week. I can set up a custom yoga experience designed for your interests, body, and lifestyle at a studio space located in downtown Chelsea, MI.

During our hour-long sessions, we will create a full body-mind experience. This will help you reduce stress, work towards your personal goals, and strengthen your body, mind, and soul.

Spouses are included in the regular pricing, as is optional use of the studio equipment.

  • 6-Pack - $650
  • 12-Pack - $1200

In Home – Private Yoga Class

You can also have private yoga classes in your own home. Sessions can be scheduled 1 to 3 times per week as well, with spouses included in regular pricing.

The pricing for home yoga classes varies by location, but here are the averages:

  • Please contact me with your location for exact pricing

Corporate Yoga - Employee Wellness

Corporate yoga sessions can help your employees relieve stress and develop more positive mindsets that enhance productivity. They can also help your employees build rapport by spending meaningful time with each other.

The mindful and measured movements of these sessions can help your employees balance their energies. You can book these as one-time sessions or as a series spanning several weeks.

The cost for corporate employee wellness yoga depends on various factors, like the size of the group, the location of the classes, etc. Please contact me for your personalized quote. 

Group Yoga

Group sessions in studio can accommodate up to 5 students. All mats and props are provided during these group yoga sessions.

These hour-long sessions can be an excellent choice for bonding occasions, like family get-togethers and celebrations. In this group yoga class I will accommodate your group’s specific needs and interests.

  • In-studio session for up to 6 students - $140

Please contact me if you have a group larger than 6 or if you want it at another location.

Nutrition Coaching


Get reliable answers and endless support as you cultivate a healthier, happier life. Every client starts with a discovery call to make sure we’re a great fit. While everyones journey and goals are different, people are most successful with 6 months of one-on-one coaching. This program provides ongoing support to create success that will last a lifetime. 

  • 400 Per Month


Here are some extras I can provide for your Chelsea, Michigan yoga sessions:

  • Extras: $25 add-ons (per class)
  • Invite a friend
  • 30-minute session increase (20-minute physical practice + 10-minute meditation)
  • Equipment Starter Kits
  • Manduka PRO mat (7.5 lbs), Manduka mat carrier, Manduka block, yoga blanket - $215
  • Manduka ProLite (4 lbs), Manduka mat carrier, Manduka block, yoga blanket - $190