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The studio space is conveniently located downtown Chelsea, MI.

Chelsea Private Yoga creates a custom yoga experience designed for your interests, body, and lifestyle. It is ideal for individuals or couples who want to invest in regular self care. Our time together is more than just a physical practice, we will create a full body-mind experience. Reduce stress, work towards your personal goals, strengthen your body and mind.

Our sessions are weekly on-going appointments at times that work perfectly for you. Like any physical or therapeutic regimen, a regular practice will yield the most impact.  

What’s so special about having this one on one experience is your yoga class is dedicated to you. I create every sequence based on your body and minds changing needs. 

Studio perks include:

  • Convenient downtown Chelsea, MI location
  • Private studio space
  • Optional use of studio equipment (Mat, blanket, blocks, ect)


Connect with Catrina to schedule your first complimentary session.

Driving to the studio not right for you? Visit our At Home page where Catrina will come to the comfort of your home.