Learning about health & nutrition can feel like an information overload. You maybe wondering what information is reliable, and how do I even start? 


With me as your nutritionist, you will create long term results through habit and behavior changes, rather than strict restrictive dieting fads. My ongoing support will give you the tools and knowledge you need to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Catrina today to schedule your free Discovery Call. During our call, we can discuss your goals and get to know each other. 

Nutrition coaching isn’t one of those lose fat quick schemes. This is a way to achieve your health goals and keep them. Everybody has different food preferences, lifestyles, and goals. So why would their nutrition plan be the same? They wouldn’t. That’s why I connect with each individual to create and customize their journey. 



  • Create & Achieve Your Goals 
  • Get Supportive Solutions & Reliable Answers
  • Weekly check ins will keep you on track 


What makes this program so successful is that you aren’t doing it alone! With Catrina as your nutrition coach, we will continuously work together to find the best solutions for you so you can get results and keep them. Our ongoing check-in sessions will help hold you accountable while allowing you to progress at your own pace. We will keep your goals up to date and find solutions to new barriers so you start the week strong and confident.

While everyone’s journey isn’t going to be the same these are some things your personalized program may include:


  • Personal Goals
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Food & Vitamin Tracking  
  • Positive Encouragement 
  • Decipher Nutritional Labels  
  • Meal Planning, Prepping & Cooking Techniques
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Kitchen Clean Outs
  • Tips For Eating Out
  • Ongoing Support

If you are looking to lose body fat, feel energized,  or need help following through with your doctors recommended diet, this program is for you. Working with a nutrition coach will make keeping up with your health and fitness goals a breeze, allowing you to get back to enjoying your life and loved ones. 


Is one-on-one nutrition coaching right for you? 

Are you ready to….


  • Lose body fat and feel good in your own skin
  • Achieve results that last a lifetime
  • Change your body, mindset, and life
  • Listen to your body
  • Invest in yourself financially 
  • Take action and commit to one-on-one nutrition coaching 

Now Offering Online Nutrition Coaching

Location is no longer a barrier! As your online nutrition coach, I will provide the services listed above and we will connect with weekly online sessions.

Contact Catrina to set up your discovery call today. This is our opportunity to get to know each other and make sure we’re a great fit. 

Create Long Term Results.   Feel Energized.   Lose Weight & Keep It Off.   Live a Long & Healthy Life