Benefits to Private Yoga

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You deserve to spend meaningful time with yourself each week. Our sessions are about more than getting a workout in. Yoga is for your mind and heart as much as it is for your physical body.

One on one classes offer a personalized routine that’s based on your needs. You get to receive alignment cues specific to your body, be active in your interest and goals, and at a time that’s perfect for you.

Private sessions are ideal for all level of yogis. As a beginner you can learn the foundations of poses to build a strong foundation to your practice, and protect you from injury.  As a more advanced yogi you can continue progressing your practice by being challenged at a level that’s right for you. You can also work towards more advanced poses with helpful assists and safe guidance.

Private yoga classes are beneficial for so many reasons including:

  • Improving self esteem
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Working with previous injuries
  • Convenience
  • Ease and reduce stress
  • Coping with trauma and emotional blocks
  • Busy Schedules

Whatever your reason is for wanting to have one on one classes, you deserve it. You will enjoy so many benefits on and off the mat.

I choose to specialize in private instruction to be able to work closely with my clients, connect with them and their needs, to truly make a difference in their lives. I feel so honored to be able to share my knowledge and grow with each of them.

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