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These packages were created with your specific yoga needs in mind. All packages include 10 one hour sessions that can be scheduled 1-3 times per week.

Foundations of Yoga

This course is structured like a workshop. We will break down yogas most popular poses to give you the knowledge, confidence, and strength needed to do yoga anytime, anywhere.

You will be safely guided through these poses while receiving feedback specific to your body in a non judgmental atmosphere. Questions are welcome, and even encouraged. This course will finish with a celebratory vinyasa session.

Healthy backs Happy Spine

In our modern society most people at some point struggle with back pain and tension. This Healthy backs  Happy spine program was created to prevent and relieve your painful symptoms.

Poses through this course will promote natural healing by gently strengthening muscles and lengthening the spine. Having a consistent yoga practice will help you to be more resilient in the future. This is  a gentle and peaceful yoga class. All of the poses are adaptable to any body or current flexibility.


Yoga benefits are the same no matter what your age. This course was created to help support a long and healthy life. Through yoga for longevity you can loosen and tone muscle, encourage healthy joints, and perhaps most importantly improve balance.

This class is a gentle yoga class that will balance the mind and body. Use of chairs, walls, and other props are used to create a comfortable class for all levels and body types. (Please know the studio entrance has stairs to enter and does not have an elevator. In home classes are available.)

Yoga for Runners

As a runner myself, I’ve experienced how yoga and running can be such an amazing combination.To counter all those miles you put in this yoga program will release tension in your tight hips, hamstrings, and back. Yoga for runners will also strengthen and lengthen your muscles to help prevent future injury.

This class is a hatha yoga class that can be modified for all levels. It will include breathwork to increase lung capacity to improve endurance and your overall athletic abilities.

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